► Battlefield 4 So Very Good ?

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  1. Hello! Now is sale on PS STORE,BF4 is there for 4€ only!!! Have I buy it? Is it good? Because Im cod player and I played BF1 and it was bad game.. So?

  2. salve man, como voce grava? e em qual qualidade grava? 60fps? quero pegar um ps4 mas nao sei se vai valer a pena por que quero gravar gameplays, nao tenho placa de captura.

  3. Answer this wverone is different but do you look at the sight and move it to the person or see the person and move your sight to them this is known as eye placement everyone may be diff what do you do I just like knowing

  4. First game I got for my Xbox one when it came out. I still play it to this day. BF1 and 5 are just not the same anymore. This is a quality shooter right here.

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