💥MenamesCho's LIVE 🔵 *NEW* BIGFOOT 😱🐠 ITEM SHOP UPDATE 🤢 Fortnite Battle Royale 28th June 2019

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Item Shop Fortnite – Fortnite Item Shop Today – Item Shop Update
New Skins Live Item Shop Countdown with family friendly moderated chat.
The Custom Matchmaking is Cross Platform – PC, Ps4, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android.
Friday 28th June 2019

Hello, my name is Cho 📺🤠
I’m a lifelong gamer from Nottingham UK (46)

👉 Family Friendly Channel 👈

I started streaming December 2017, mainly to bring together a friendly community and have some fun 🎮😂👍

Tips, Reviews along with…

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