12g Automatic from Battlefield 1 vs the real gun

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  1. The Browning Auto 5 is additionally amazing because you can save a whole step in reloading compared to John Hickok's demonstration. With the Auto 5, from the bolt locked back position, by simply thumbing that 1st round into the magazine tube as normal, the gun slams into battery, automatically, amazingly, upon release of the thumb.

    The main reason for the button is so that you can change a chambered round while holding back the rounds in the magazine via the lever on the left side of the receiver (not always seen on auto 5 knockoffs). You do this by flipping the lever on the left side of the receiver, which blocks the magazine. Next, by pulling the bolt back (ejecting the chambered round) the bolt will lock back. Then you can drop in a different round and push the button, slamming in that round. And I mean slam.

    Why? For good reasons. You can carry the gun on safe AND with an unloaded chamber and with a full magazine ready to go, if you want complete safety. When you flip the aforementioned lever, the gun goes into battery from the magazine automatically. Or if you have that extra round, drop it in and push the button. The gun goes into battery. Then flip lever. Or not. If not, the gun will lock open again once fired. Until the lever is flipped the magazine is blocked. Why? For good reasons.

    For example if you were out hunting small game during a time when larger game was also legal for taking. Suppose, for instance, you were duck hunting fully loaded with #4 high brass and you spot a goose coming in. Quietly flip the lever (thereby holding back the #4's) and pull back the bolt to it's locked back position (thereby ejecting a chambered #4). Now, drop in one of those Express goose shells and push the button. Wham! Aim and pull the trigger. BAM! Roasted goose. An Auto 5 is a masterpiece.

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