20 Things You NEED To Know Before Playing Battlefield 5

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This video is Presented by EA Game Changers. Battlefield 5 is finally here. In this video I go through 20 things that you need to know before playing!

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  1. 1. It sucks Asian dick
    2. It sucks black cock
    3. It sucks white dick
    4. It sucks transgender dick
    5. Most of the time it gets stuck on loading screens and geomapping sucks beyond playable

  2. Veteran here. But i hated hardline….I love BFV. I am the kind of person who hates that they think they have to put women in the game but it doesnt stop me from enjoying the game. I could care less what everyone else does. I dont use women in my squad.

  3. This is my list of 20 things you must know about this game;

    1/Don’t buy a contentless shell of a game for $60 X 20 =
    Don’t buy the rip off game.

  4. The only thing you need to know before considering buying BF5 is that DICE & EA will call you a sexist if you don't like something about the game.

  5. We all need to make a living; so I understand where you are coming from. But these gentlemen have a communist agenda and they were quite open about it-fortunately. They give a shit about players, heck, I reckon they despise us as the junkies that we actually are. I won't bye this game.

  6. Lol yeah right. When I played the beta, how many bastards pass over my body. You will only played like this if you actually have your friends in the squad.

  7. Gonna wait for when it first goes in sale, I love the game but I have a rule against buying $60 games at full price. I'll see y'all on the battlefield on cyber Monday, good luck.

  8. I get it now you say Battlefield is a special Battlefield so. Does that mean it's for special people aka slow people. because I'm pretty sure that's what it feels like.

  9. The only grief I have is the female characters, I have no problem with women being in video games but in a ww2 game it takes away from the experience

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