3 examples Battlefield Bad Company 2 makes fun of Modern Warfare 2

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Here are a couple clips from Battlefield Bad Company 2 where they make fun of MW2. I love both games, and I think it is hilarious to see the developers taking shots at one another. There are a few others in the actual game, and I will shortly be posting my full review on Bad Company 2.


  1. I Forget the name of the mission in the campaign where the guy said"oh what are they going to do,send some special ops douche bags with heartbeat monitors",i still laugh at that part to til this very day. Such a great game and i do hope they either make a bad company 2 or i wouldn't complain if they remade bad company 2 lol. I would even pay 60 bucks for a bc2 remake,so worth it.

  2. im not saying that battlefield is bad. actually i think the new battlefields are way better than the new COD games.
    but honestly the mw2 campaing was just so much better made than bfbc2 campaing.

  3. You had attachements since the first one (1942), the "perks" you are saying are SPECIALISATIONS, which do exist (they are just called differently) and how do you want an M95 to have the same firepower of a M24 (the first sniper on the game)?!?!?
    Dude, srs, the first FPS was the MoH, the first game with really good destruction was BFBC, the UAV idea came from BF2 and BF2 came before MW2, so we can say that MW2 is a CoD copy of BF2!


  4. Course I do know how long it takes, but, they should at least tell us that they were doing something.
    PS: the development of some games such as CoD, usually don't take more than 4 years, as the game remains pretty much the same (I mean the gameplay and the way the game "goes"), whyle on every BF Series game, they make big changes.

  5. I guess that's why the successor to Battlefield 2 was over-simplified and was in fact a CoD-Bad Company mutant baby designed to please the masses of CoD kids because they make more money to EA then the small PC veteran community from BF1942. EA is the new Activision ever since they own DICE and have ruined Battlefield games now 🙁

  6. On my point of wiew both games are really cool (but I totally prefer BFBC2).
    Comparing BF to CoD is just like comparing Apple to Android, some like both, some hate/love one of them and can't even explain why (while others can). And an Android fanboy would never say that Apple is better, as we BattleFanatics never say that CoD is beter (and really, it isn't)!

  7. It doesnt give a f… for what I think, but for what the public wants, so, if anything sayin that people wanted BFBC3 had like, lots of likes/shares/anything else they'd make it!
    What matter is not a single person, but the mass of people!


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