Activision Just WONT LISTEN..!! (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay)

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Modern Warfare Is Looking REALLY Good But There Is Still Something That Could RUIN It ALL! Enjoyed the vid? Leave a “Like”

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Specialist Streaks Return In Modern Warfare!

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  1. Oh boy I have a feeling this games gonna have the worst system ever imo, I mean they just confirmed freaking watch customization when it's literally like 10 pixels on the bottom of the screen that with some weapons you can't even see it…. not to mention the ability to have all of these attachment "variations" because of how many attachments this game has… I am worried ladies & gentleman

  2. Idk Xrayz. If they're saying we've embraced the micro transaction model that we had in bo4, it just makes me thing the same model will be implemented in MW, if not worst (as in Activision trying to see how far they could push it).

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