ALL ELEMENTAL RAY GUN MARK II GUIDE!!! Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Alpha Omega

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?? How to Activate Power Alpha Omega! —
?? EASY!! Pack a Punch Guide Alpha Omega Zombies! —
?? How to Unlock FOUR FREE Ray Gun Mark II Alpha Omega Zombies! —
?? All Alpha Omega Round Change and Game Over Music!…


  1. I prefer the normal mk2 paped because it has over 300 bullets and is literally godlike wonder weapon. It does not run out of ammo if you have paped wall weapon like icr. Nice vid btw. You deserved a sub from me.

  2. As with all WW that have multiple upgrades, there's always the one that is so good that makes the other obsolete. In this case its the yellow upgrade. Hopefully the other ones are buffed.

  3. This what i like about smaller youtubers. Its real. They talk to you like you would if you were in person. Just chill whatever. Actually basically said, I dont know what it does, find out yourself?

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