ASMR Gaming | Relaxing Counter Strike Surfing CS:GO 🎮Mechanical Keyboard Sounds + Whispering😴💤

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  1. Gosh your pc is stacked but I was assuming you had like a 1500 wat psu. I liked the mechanical keyboard sounds and I would love seeing more games from steam in your vids!

  2. also you should try and bhop while surfing, like holding space while surfing. and you should use your mouse as much as you use your a and d, and strafe which is looking left to right while in the air

  3. That was great to watch and relaxing to listen to. Just what i look for in your videos. I was thinking; now that you've got yourself a gaming pc, you should play some Rust. Its a survival game that can yield some great ambient noises and be relaxing to play. There is also a build feature but it is definitely not relied on as heavily as Fortnite. Although you may feel a bit uncomfortable if you play it because you start off completely naked and you literally have to craft EVERYTHING. I dont know your standards but i think it would be a great addition to the channel with your new PC

  4. nice video! CSGO surfing is so relaxing to watch and do 🙂 CSGO is easily my most played game of all time (over 1600 hours, which i’m kind of ashamed of 😅), and it’s cool to see you play it on the channel.

  5. Don’t flick you lose speed, and if you’re trying to go left hold A and guide your mouse left and same for the right side. To help gain speed from ramp to ramp hit the ramp smoothly the tip I told you about by guiding your mouse will help a lot with gaining speed. Hopefully this helps on your next surfing video I don’t know. Like so he can see.

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