Battlefield 1 Bootcamp: Elite Aim Guide – Do it Right!!! (BF1)

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Battlefield 1 Elite Aiming Guide! You want to shoot right? Follow this guide and let Drill Sergeant DRBC007 guide your shaking hands!

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  1. Im PROUD OF YOU soldier you earned A COOKIE for your distinguished service . Ill pray for more of such man to join our glorious army and remember boys and girls "If my enemy wants to die for his country that means that we both have the same goal " ~~ General Tacticus

  2. It just feels good when you snap off only the required amount of bullets to kill a bitch, and not one more. Loved the vid, it's unique and funny, and is also informative. You deserve way more subs.

  3. Your sense of humor gets a lot of honest laughs out of me and your tips actually helped my game in Battlefield. The tip of "just stand still for a second if you want to hit your target" has made me so much more lethal, especially with the medic and support weapons. You should totally do a Bootcamp series for the new Battlefield game when it comes out!

  4. Hey thanks for your tips, I don’t really understand the part you say Burst fire and continuously fire part. How do you prevent it. Thanks

  5. Nice , I'm working on it , I'm new but I love this game , but I'm learning, this is my blow out time from work , an hour a day and a couple on the Weekend's, but thanks , because my aim sucks , center of screen , now just practice what I have learned

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