Battlefield 1 Oil Of Empires Epic Killstreaks! | BF1 Gameplay

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Battlefield 1 Epic Rush Team | BF1 Gameplay


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  1. Man what the fuck did they do with this new update, ive been getting killed with only one shot every single time today, it could be the kolibri and if i get hit once im dead….. I think i broke a world record with 67 deaths, and im on xbox one and the update just came through today and all day ive been getting murked

  2. level cap was wondering if you could put on a colorblind filter. i dont know how many of your viewers are colorblind but i have problems with red and green. so if you can put on a deuteranopia filter it would be nice for the few people who do have problems. all it does is change the ui coloring so team mates are blue and squad mate are a bright yellowish green while enemies are a neon red

  3. the attacking team on oil of empires mustve been filled with norweigan mind reading mlg pros to go through the first 2 maps without losing a battalion. holy fuck

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