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Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay with Live commentary. Leave a rating and a comment, hope you guys enjoy 🙂 Sponsored by Scan –

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  1. Playing BFV now in 2019…. I miss the much more polished and better looking BF1. The sounds of soldiers while moving and the satisfying killsounds were just so much better. Even the atmosphere. BFV just has a lack of sound all around in comparison. Let’s see how BFV turns out to be down the road… :/

  2. I just thought of something.. How is it that I don't get do angry or mad after a defeat in BF1, but I do in literally every other game, such as Overwatch for an example

  3. Still one of my favorite games and you're still one of the best in the business! Always looking forward to more visits to the battlefield. Well done Jack!

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