Battlefield 3 870MCS Shotgun – With Flachettes

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A short highlight video showcasing the capabilities of the MCS shotgun with Flachette ammunition. Flachettes behave like standard buckshot ammunition, only with extended range and marginally lower stopping power. Flachettes seem to be able to penetrate certain terrain objects as enemies, increasing overall damage against tightly-clustered groups.


  1. @0Tanker0 Well I find that the flachettes tend to one-shot people at the kind of ranges where buckshot is supposed to be most effective, making them kind of useless. You may as well roll flachettes for the added range and penetration.

  2. @Jords464 Flachettes, EASILY. The buckshot is only effective at extremely close ranges, and by that I mean pretty much point-blank range. The Flachettes do more than enough damage at point-blank for the all-important 1-hit-kill, making the buckshot to be kind of pointless. Plus, flachettes they can penetrate thin surfaces and other players, making them a real 'crowd pleaser'.

  3. @ayan3261 Dude, damage does not depend on the gun, it depends on the shell. However, some factors do depend on the gun, if the barrel is long, you have a tighter spread, wich means if you aim in the center of what your shooting at gets all the buckshot into the target, dealing extreme damage, a shorter barrel means a much bigger spread, easier to hit, but crap at longer range. The M1014 in BF3 has open choke wich gives a bigger spread. 870 MCS is better for longer distance.

  4. @terminox I had very good success with slugs in the beta, they were 1 shot kills at almost all ranges, but they are extremely nerfed to the point now that they are pretty much impossible to do well with.

  5. does shotguns have different shotguns have different damage or is it all in the ammo?? ie. 870 with buckshot and m1014 with buck shot, do they deal the same damage?

  6. @terminox I've found there was a bug in the game that the dev's were gonna fix, Frags were supposed to do very slight (between 1-10) explosive damage and have a very small AoE. Frags actually work fantastically well in the Striker and USAS-12 and from my experience, you can easily shoot out the people in transports with Frags like the Growler and Scout and Transport Heli's, ya know if you get a chance to

  7. @parkourdude100
    The flechette have been confirmed for a tighter spread compared to buckshot, thus better range than buckshot.
    The damage drop-off at range is also less in flechette than buckshot.
    Buckshot might be better for the Semi-Autos, but Flechette is better for the 870

  8. @TheBlumKings I haven't tried this, because the idea seems impractical, given how low the slug velocity is now. Have you had any success with this combination?

  9. @aquadax1 I was hoping that was the case, but it's not to be. They are intended to be oriented towards suppression. Good news for you though – the 40mm grenade launchers are FINALLY getting anti-vehicle variants, although probably at the expense of area-effect damage. Not that it matters though – the 40mm grenades have been nerfed quite harshly as far as infantry targets go.

  10. @Daemeon93 *Buckshot*: Extreme close-range pellets. High point-blank damage, but crap accuracy and damage beyond about 5 meters. *Flachettes* Like buckshot, but with less point-blank damage and significantly more range. *Slugs* Just like BC2's, but nerfed, damage-wise, with a low velocity and dramatic drop at range. *Frag* crap-tastic damage but with high suppression i.e. still crap.

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