Battlefield 3: No gun glitch! – FIX!

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I can not guarantee this will work for you or for how long but it worked for me and still does. The only way to fix this permanently would be for DICE to release a patch which they won’t do for a while yet.

UPDATE: My game started to spawn me with no guns AGAIN and when I checked my disc there were 2 very light laser burns (aka ring around the disc) so took the game down to Blockbuster who cleaned it for me which removed the laser burns slightly, I then installed the game to my hard drive…


  1. I'm a daily BF3 gamer & I'm also ranked 4th with the kh2002 & boom this happen's to me i had this happen before i just bought another PS3 & now it happened too both of them -___- it's very frustrating only because i love this game i played BF4 wasn't even like BF3 it also disappointed me what direction is dice really going i guess this is the end of my battlefield career ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  2. Thanks for watching my video. As stated in the description, this started to happen again to me, I had laser burn on my disc (rings around the disc) so took it to my local game shop who run it through a cleaner which fixed it, I installed the game to my hard drive when I got home and it's working fine ever since. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have the same problem with my weapon disipering on my playstation 3, im now reinstalling it and hoping it will be fixed. But another problem, i have the oldest version of the playstation (The fat version) and my battlefield makes my playstation freeze alot. Does anyone else have the same issue? Is there anyone who knows a way to fix the freezing problem or do i need a new playstation?

  4. Also, I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game data (im running on a ps3), which hasn't worked at all, it actually got worse after that.

  5. Last week I purchased battlefield Premium for ยฃ39.99. I am now also getting this extremely aggravating bug which is REALLY pissing me off as I cannot play the game properly, unlock assignments, finish matches and play what I paid money for. Total wast of 40 quid.

  6. Ive actually deleted everything BF3 related on my PS3 and reinstalled it and still no luck. This is actually very frustrating that no patch has been released yet

  7. i'm not so good with like this stuff but i know that my friend doesn't have that problem that the raise time on the guns is getting up like 5-10 seconds after spawning(i know i said 10-20 in my previous but it's hard to know the exact time when your getting fucked up by the enemies).

  8. is i'm the only one that have a TDM glitch? every time i play TDM it happens that i spawn and it takes like 10-20 seconds to get my guns up and because it's TDM i almost always gets killed before raising the guns. really annoys me because i died more then 500 times(not kidding it fucking my game up) because of it.

  9. I found out that when you try to spawn in a match the happens when the connection for the equipment doesn't connect. so to know that the glitch is going to happen, when you are at the spawn menu look at the bottom right where the picture of the guns and equipment are suppose and you know wait.

  10. Hi Crazycash314, I can make another video however I don't feel it will be any different to the one above. Can you not install the game to your HD? If not then perhaps taking it to your local store which sells the game and play dumb and hope they swap the disc.

  11. Yes it does still work as I installed it to my hard drive. Blockbuster only charged me like ยฃ2 as well to clean my disc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I feel you man. haha ๐Ÿ˜› But i still have this problem. But ill just try to get it cleaned at like gamestop or blockbuster. Does it still work for you? btw. Thanks for the reply haha

  13. Sometimes I wonder why I spend ages typing one. I have stopped responding to comments as the answers are in the description. ๐Ÿ˜›

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