Battlefield 3 Theme Extended

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Okay well the Battlefield 3 Theme is too short which is a bit upsetting. So this is the theme extended a bit then replayed a few times so it’s about 10 minutes long.


  1. love the series.. to say how great a game is all you need to look at is how many still playing, and i reckon there are probably more people playing bf3 than the latest cod. loved old cod though cod4, waw, mw2, black ops then they lost direction..

  2. The goosebumps, nostalgia and awe fill me as I:
    Take out a helicopter,
    fly my helicopter
    take out a plane,
    fly my plane
    when I C4 a tank
    when I'm interlocked in a deadly dogfight
    don't forget the levolution
    aggresive sniping
    rolling with my squad on Teamspeak
    remember the diversity
    remember playing with a broken leg
    reach level 100 and look back at being killed, killing as a noob.
    jumping out doing 180 and nailing the pilot behind me, jumping in… (RPG shot – don't tell anyone)
    achieving level 100.

  3. Just came from the COD games OSTs and I gotta say BF's and COD's  OST is both amazing. Like if I had a choice to choice one, I'd have to go with both, can't really find one that's better.

    (Notice I never said anything about gameplay of COD and BF so don't start a war for no reason)

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