Battlefield 4 – 12GB+ HDD space for Install + Mandatory install files for Single and multiplayer

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Battlefield 4 will require more than 12GB of free space on your hard drive for the best possible experience in Battlefield 4. Players will need to also install mandatory files for both the single player and the multiplayer! Be sure to leave a like if you did and subscribe if you’re new to my channel 🙂

Battlefield 4 install files
Battlefield 4 space required for install
Battlefield 4 space required to install game
Battlefield 4 multiplayer disk
Battlefield 4 single player…


  1. I hate how you have to buy another HardDrive to play it on the 4GB Xbox. The lowest I found was over $100. I'm not spending $100 extra dollars to play a $60 game!

  2. I was mad when I found out I had to I have a harddrive for my Xbox 360. I have a 16 GB flash drive and I only want to use multiplayer but it won't take it. I'm getting a refund

  3. you still need hard drive for mandatory 2GB install I have the arcade and use USB flash drive and can't play. it sucks but GameStop is giving me a refund

  4. I havent got the game because I waiting for next gen but it should work out the same way as in BF3. You just have to install the Multiplayer or Single player into your system. That should install the etra content for better peformance.

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