Battlefield 4 Asus G75VX Gameplay GTX 670MX

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Specs for Geeks:
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670MX
Intel Core i7-3630QM
Windows 8 x64 bit
750GB 7200RPM SSH
1920x1080p Full HD Screen

battlefield 4 asus g75vx gameplay
battlefield 4 asus g75vw gameplay
battlefield 4 asus g75 gameplay
battlefield 4 asus g750 gameplay
bf4 asus g75vx
bf4 asus g75vx gameplay
bf4 asus g75
battlefield 4 asus g75
battlefield 4 epic moments
battlefield 4 maxed out
battlefield 4 gameplay
battlefield 4 beta asus g75vx
bf4 beta asus g75vx gameplay


  1. can you tell me your fps ? i got 38 right now… im pissed bc i sent in my laptop now 3 times and it didnt get fixed yet with lagging all the time.. its seriously frustrating when you buy a 2k laptop and its worse than my old laptop for 700

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