Battlefield 4 Attack Choppers Rework – Battlefield 3 Gameplay Commentary

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Battlefield 4 Attack Choppers Rework – Battlefield 3 Gameplay Commentary Going over the helicopters in multiplayer and how they need to be fixed in CTE and future patches or DLC!
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  1. I am a chopper pilot myself, and I get really annoyed by those annoying mines and infantry. The second I get into the air, every single player on the ground pulls out stingers and blasts me to kingdom come. I think that the attack heli should be able to take more hits. But to compensate, I think that they should get more rounds. Then maybe after using up all of their ammo, they have to go back to a base and restock. Battlefield is all about balance, and the lock on missiles throw that balance off.

  2. The BF4 Choppers need to be as close to real as possible, the bottom of Attack Choppers have reinforced armor, so ground hits are less effective. The most vulnerable part of a chopper is from the top down. Attack choppers on the Battle Field, in real life, are absolutely lethal. I think what needs to be done is to make taking down a chopper from the ground should involve a squad effort. If there was anything from BF3 that should have been nerfed it should have been the shotties and sniper classes. Snipers are two man teams after all. To keep the choppers from dominating maybe there should be a limit on the spawn time of the attack choppers. In BF4 right now the little birds are a much more effective chopper against all targets.

  3. It's not just the battlefield 4 attack copper that's bad the while game is disappointing and shouldn't have come out to it was 100% fixed and months after it still isn't 🙁

  4. If you're good enough, the attack helos are still very VERY strong. In bf3 they were just a joke; we could be pretty much immortal in them. Now it's more balanced to be brutally honest.

  5. Your spot on with the choppers but the NO.1 shit thing in BF 4 is the AA tank that can shoot you in it's own base in the red zone and sit there the hole map and get a stupid score like 86-0 you can't get close to it lanceing Dam is the worst it can lock on as soon as you take off just about and even if I do jump out a plane and get lucky to C4 it you die running back to the map IT'S A JOKE!!!You should not start with one in the base and only be able to fire in the map.

  6. The best way to balance the attack chopper is to do absolutely NOTHING to the chopper Attack or little bird. What they need to rework are the anti air. Stingers seriously OP. Igla at least they need to hold the lock on. The only thing they COULD do to the choppers is agility but not much I would say the bigger problem is the size of Z-11W amazing the holes you can find with the little bird but when you take the Z-11W and try, it smacks you across the face like excuse me what the hell you trying to do here… GTFO you fat ass. They Should have thought of the size of the Z-11W a little more before they released the game.

  7. Attack Heli is completely useless in BF4. Better fly little bird instead. It was so fun to fly Attack Heli in BF3 but in BF4 lol you wont last more than 1mn even if ur a decent pilot.

  8. ok wtf are anti air mines. that just screams unrealistic which I why I hate. also only 8 rockets is kinda gay and the whole one stinger disables is just so RETARTED its on a level out of control

  9. They should patch the game so that choppers cant be locked on when under a certain height. This would be well balanced, since there now exists anti-air mines….

  10. For BF4:
    – Limited ammo pool, prevents hover camping and spraying.
    – Mobility hit mechanic instead of doomed vehicle disable state.

    – Active Radar, so stupid period.
    – Heatseekers and Stingers are too strong in mobility hit, impulse flip, lock acquisition and hold, and freaky tight turning missiles.
    – No Below Radar.
    – MAA no longer needs to be venerable in the battlefield near a flag to be effective, sitting out of bounds and spamming ARMs, while not being engagable by ground units.

    Those in the comments asking for the anti base rape CIWS to be removed, ehh… no. Get your situational awareness together and not be baited there into that aimbot aircraft shredder.

  11. They need to stop making games basically unplayable for low PC gamers… I cost me 2 grand to play the game I want it…  COMMON DICE  I would of loved it more if they used Frost byte 2 instead of 3 

  12. I couldn't be happier about the vulnerability of BF4 Choppies.
    "Oh this is shit, I can only get a 40:1 KDR in the choppy now" says the Lv120 shitbucket who sits there mashing the choppy spawn point so no one else can have a choppy. OUT THE CHOPPY SHITBUCKET!!

  13. I think the choppers are now evenly matched they also nerfed the tanks and lavs big time to make the game more evenly matched. Theres nothing worse than a vehicle whore taking over the game and being unstoppable, I was one of them and now I have to work three times harder and smarter to get a kill

  14. Maybe increase the splash damage and splash damage range of the hydra (or whatever they are called)? And let the scout heli be AA and attack heli be at and ap

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