Battlefield 4 TDM 41-2 | XBOX ONE X

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  1. Just subscribed, I know I am going to like the channel. I do want your input if I can have it.

    BF3 is my most favorite game of all time. I do not own (currently working to afford) an Xbox One. I haven't got to play BF3 in years, early years because of no internet and later years because my PS3 would shut down after 30 mins of BF3 gameplay (this Christmas will be my PS3s 10th birthday).

    Now, I consider BF3 to be the greatest game every created and I know BF4 is basically the same. I only got to play it twice. When it first came out and a few months ago (30 mins worth) and I want to know is it worth getting now? Do you think its better than BF3? Will I be hit with a loving nostalgia trip like how I would if it was BF3? Is the community still great and are the hackers/modders far and few between?

    Thanks man I hope I get a reply, I want to buy this game (again) but I don't want to be disappointed. I want the servers to be good, I want all the map packs and still be able to find a match. I want to know I have longevity in this game for years to come. There are still loyal gamers for Bad Company 2 for PS3 and the game still holds up well today, will this one in the years to come?

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