Battlefield 5 Cheating Is Getting OUT OF CONTROL ?

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The situation of Battlefield 5 Cheating is getting out of control… let’s discuss what’s happening in this video.
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  1. Kinda crazy isn't it. Just look at the previous bf. Bf1, There was cheaters but they were rare and they were never a big problem since they usually got banned rather quick.

  2. As I've said before, it's not just Asia, it extends to Australia and New Zealand as we all jump on the Oceania servers. Where the fk are the community servers? Then we could insta-kick or insta-ban cheaters immediately. WTF @DICE?!

  3. This is how the majority of PC gamers play. About 95% of them are cheating it's pathetic. This is why there shouldn't be to much multiplayer online gaming especially in the "Pro Competitive Scene" It would be nice to go system linking. Sadly it's not just Battlefield V cheaters are rampant in just about every game now.. and dont get more stated on Rockstar Games. I hope devs try focusing more on story driven single player games in the future.

  4. I hate hackers of all kinds but back in the battlefield Vietnam or call of duty 2 days on PC at least the hackers would try and make it less obvious….

  5. This really is just not Asian servers. Its obvious on European servers. I am a silver surfer playing fps for years and quite frankly of late its been rife on BF5. My clan and I no longer bother to play. Very sad state of affairs. European servers have more 'discreet' hackers with excessive KDs. Numerous videos out there and we have collected but nothing ever done so no point

  6. Please ban all of them, those are 100% sure firestorm aimbotters… running around for weeks…











  7. this is horrible, but those are blatant idiots cheating, with zero skill, if AC fails, demo will accuse them, they will eventually get banned.

    Now imagine someone who is REALLY good in a game and has 10 years of experience in the game…and they know how to use cheats at exact times to get info that wins them a round. They will never get banned yet they cheat for years….come to CS:GO to see for yourself :/

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