Battlefield 5 EPIC Game

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Battlefield V can serve up some fantastic rounds if you know what game modes and maps to play. Twisted Steel on Frontlines with 32 players is the one. Also, 1907 is a VERY good AR, would recommend. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Playing with TAG!


  1. EPIC ! At the beginning I don't find BFV epic (compare to BF1 where I live so many great epic moment in Conquest ! Or BFBC2 Vietnam !) on Conquest but I play now more often Breakthrough mode and it seems for me the most Epic mode in BFV ! Like the maps are fit to this mode ! In Conquest, BFV is good but I quickly feel it annoying after 2 or 3 game … But Breakthrough, when you are in a good team, a good squad who play well, the two teams have more or less the same strenght … it's absolutely amazing to see how BFV in this mode can be absolutely brillant and Epic ! For those who don't play this mode : GO !

  2. While I am no where near as good as this. I really need to find a group of players to squad up with. It definitely helps your game! So many people don't talk AND completely ignore the squad leader's instructions. How to find squad partners?

  3. In most battlefields and cod's there was hardcore and standard modes, with two incredibly different TTKs. So, to answer the question you posed, any shooter with a hardcore mode passes as a title with two TTK modes

  4. Tbh this is kind of disrespectful to the real vets of ww2, imagine being someone who actually fought in this war and see the interpretation of it where theres amputeed women wielding spiked cricket bats

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