BATTLEFIELD 5: How To Be A Better Squad!

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In this video, you’ll learn how to be a better Squad in Battlefield 5 – this is a video for beginners who might be joining and playing Battlefield for the very first time!
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  1. I’m shy to play and make friends but I always try to help and ask/give orders. I like to play realistic idk, the xbox community isnt really into teamwork
    If someone wants to play something add me on xbox one: Frann Castillo
    I speak English and Spanish so yeah

  2. I really find it funny how all these YouTube videos have no recoil…. the weapon moves but not the crosshairs… dont believe me go play yourself, it is not the same…. and on his first kill he didnt even aim…

  3. This video won’t educate the average player. Squads is a joke in Battlefield. For a game that prides itself in squad work. This game literally has the least amount of squad work for a top game on the market. Everyone is out for themselves and runs around aimlessly

  4. First time ever since playing Bad Company someone today got mad at me because I asked for ammunition so much from the support guy. Said I asked too much and said I sucked when I had kills and no deaths. haha unfortunately I decided to kick the whole squad involved or not and after being a central person in reviving them while I had respect for them I decided not too revive these three. I changed teams and Merced them though 😉

  5. Watch and learn noobs. This is how it's done. Despite this some people still don't know how to play battlefield. When I say battlefield I'm also talking about noobs that still don't know how to play BF4 and BF1. It's unbelievable!

  6. I always play With random Players But i always Try to do my best to help Em out , But sadly 85% Of the Dudes i get Are Random Ass noobs Who go prone In the middle of the battelfield , While i be making Youtube worthy Flanks and none spawn on me ?

  7. Yesterday, their was an enemy tank literally spawn camping and my teammates were so blind they just run around it thinking it’s a teammate just to be blown up. Probably relying on the spotting mechanic ??‍♂️

  8. Step one: get a squad full of veteran good battlefield players
    Step two: play the objective and spawn on each other
    Step three: get best squad ribbon the majority of the time

  9. I'm building a squad I need a medic to heal me support to give me ammo a scout to spot all the players for me and I'll go as assault and have all the fun.

  10. Playing with a squad makes this game so much more fun. Its great scouting an objective as my squad moves in. Making call outs giving my team the jump, and hitting those clutch head shots on guys before they shoot at my homies. Scouting for airstrikes works amazing as well. On the other hand i also love playing support and laying down that suppression. Having a blast with it so far.

  11. Step 1: Join Squad
    Step 2: Equip Recon
    Step 3: Provide “cover” from back of home spawn
    Step 4: What even is team play
    Step 5: Why are people saying to PTFO
    Step 6: Land hit markers but no kills
    Step 7: 3 kills no deaths 3.0 K/D 420 pussy slayer

  12. When I was playing the beta I was in a stuka and a random squadmate started using the HUD marker thing to mark targets for me, allowing me to get a few quad kills, go on a large killstreak and also attack/defend objectives in a plane. I dont remember their name but they were by far the best squadmate ive played with.

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