"Battlefield 5 is Officially Dead!"… Still Broken & New Maps SUCK! – (Westie Ruined Battlefield)

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“Battlefield 5 is Officially Dead!”… Still Broken & New Maps SUCK! – (Westie Ruined Battlefield V) – #BattlefieldV #ModernWarfare #Westie


  1. You must just hate everything don’t you, how about you Become a game developer and have to balance different ideas, likes and dislikes from the community it’s not as easy as you think and it takes awhile to make a good map maybe if you understood the different issues that people have to deal with maybe you wouldn’t have to make your annoying ass baby noises to make yourself feel better and as a matter of fact westie knows about the issues if the game but you can’t blame someone for being optimistic about a franchise that he’s always loved how can you even blame him!!!

  2. Going into bfv for the first 2 months of relases the game felt good after 1 month then 2 month more bugs more bugs and more bugs,several "patches and updates later"I decided I'll hop back on..

    Absoulty a trash game

    Now were here-still shit

  3. I hate to say it. Battlefield got their ass kicked bad. And I mean bad. I hope they will come out with battlefield 6 modern because I still play battlefield 4 that’s the only one I play. Hardline was bf1 not my thing bf5 not my thing again with less content.

  4. The amount of fanboys defending battlefield 5 and fallout 76 is crazy. Fallout has a huge community that refuses to believe fallout 76 is bad in anyway and think it's perfect lmao.

  5. big problem is when COD players switched and wanted BF to play like COD.. people running round gunning in BF1 etc… now EA lost all their older BF fans who played it without running and gunning. Now they've got a game where they tried to appease their COD run and gunners and their orginial BF fans who loved the older games… they ended up satisfying no one.

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