Battlefield 5: Non-stop salt and rage from players in my server!

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I tend to have pretty good (bad?) luck running across salty players in Battlefield 5 but recently I’ve been landing in servers PACKED with them. You guys ok out there?

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  1. I tend to rage, but I never truly hate any type of player in battlefield. THE ONLY players I despise and will call out are the cowardly, pathetic chopper pilots of bf4. The kind of people that hog the scout helicopters with the 25mm autos and those people that play attack choppers solely to kill infantry and nothing else. It's so damn difficult to hit the bastards let alone take them down, and even then theyll fly 10 miles away to repair or just get a new chopper in 2 seconds of dying

  2. Although I get some cathartic pleasure from watching you piss these people off, I'm hoping you get back to Fallout 4 settlement building soon. Would be interested in seeing what you would do with Starlight Drive-In.

  3. I find it hilarious that they are all raging just cuz you're better at the game then they are. If they actually thought of how you were doing so well instead of trying to ram you or raging, they might do better. Great stuff. Keep it going. Your videos make me laugh all the time 🙂

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