Battlefield 5 Visibility Update and NEW Tank

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Battlefield V Visibility has been massively imrpoved, as has the netcode. In the latest patch we get a new Tank, the STUG IV and nerfs to the frag launcher! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Some of your comments are spot on……I am a bit of a newbie and was trying to get the new tank in Tides of War.
    Got really stuck on one part and couldn't get the points in time. So no tank for me.
    I think this is okay for people who can rush through the tasks but alas not for me.

  2. This game stuns me how broken it is, I do every challenge… don’t get rewarded the stug. It Literally just says it’s in your armoury. I’ve tried everything to fix it myself but the game just won’t put the stug on my acc. I’m done

    Dice fix your game

  3. So they lowered the last part of the tank challenge to 5 kills, but I had like 17 when it was changed. It shows that I unlocked it, but it has yet to show up in my inventory. Guessing it is a glitch. Anyone else notice this happening?

  4. They nerfed my go-to in a game rife with guns requiring multiple shots to kill. I play Battlefield because it's SUPPOSED to be realistic. COD and PUBG are f***ing arcade games rife with squeakers. Apparently alot of campers cried about getting killed by a single rifle grenade shot upon it's impact launched over an obstacle… Was it too real? I think so. Maybe I'm salty because I prefer REALISM. I know with certain servers you can customize damage but I actually work for a living and don't have time to fuck around. I turn on my xbox, hit conquest, and hope for the best. Lets hope a bunch of unemployed turds don't pout about the mark IV revolver 1-shot killing. Then I'll be shit out of luck

  5. I’ve gotten 33 kill streak with the TIGER TANK. I’ve gotten a 48 KILL STREAK with the Tiger tank! I’m good with the TIGER TANK! Got the STUG3 and even with the 75mm cannon and AP ROUNDS, it barely kills enemy vehicles and infantry. It just sucks! It’s fast, but rear motor is exposed, even with the motor protection. It’s dumb! All tides of war unlocks have been dumb and weak except the MG22. And another rifle. Everything else has been not worth the stress or time. Tides of war is hit or miss. Ranking up is good, but doing the unlockables is not worth it. I just ignore the unlockable challenges, now. If they had KING TIGER TANK, then I’d do that! But THE STUG3 in this game is WEAK! I’ll stick with the TIGER TANK!

  6. Also company coins is STILL BROKEN! I don’t know how the fuck you have 150 thousand CC jack. I already have 800 hours in bf5 and after ever unlock and every gadget and not buying any cosmetics I have less than 20k saved..

    Routinely at the end of a great round where I get ace squad and top player I will see a reward of 2000-2300 cc at end of round. Unfortunately that never ever shows up in my armory. Even if I only got 100cc per game, I have over 1000 games played. What the fuck,

  7. The “new tank” is trash. It brings NOTHING new. Just a skin. It is exactly the same as the Churchill gun carrier and no new gadgets we haven’t seen before.

    The valentine archer will be the same too.

    Why would I use a 3lb tank that can’t traverse with turret over a 6lb valentine or little John?

  8. EVERYBODY, THE STUG3 IS THE WORST GERMAN TANK! WORST THAN THE LITTLE PANZER! I’m a level 4 on the STUG3 and even with the 75mm andAT ROUNDS, it sucks at killing! STICK WITH THE TIGER TANK! STUG3 sucks! As do ALL OF THESE UNLOCKS WITH TIDES OF WAR! Tides of war is DUMB! None of the unlocks are good! None!

  9. Stug feels sweet. I never got to it in WoT's so great to be in one finally! As it happens, I had just unlocked the camo for it!
    Noticed today a prone guy trying to trick people. Saw him. He was standing out like a small light was shining on him.

  10. I finish all chapter in Tides of War Lightening Strike, and of course Iron Skin, before couple hours, but I didn't get my STURMGESCHUTZ IV TANK?! Please would somebody tell me what's gonna happen with this game?!
    Also I didn't get skin White Tiger when I'm finished 31 level for ROSS RIFLE MK III, also I don't have that gun at all, but I've get White Tiger set for 30 level for ZK 383. Also I'm finished 40 level before week ago…
    Please someone who knows when I've get my new tank fir Axis force? Thanks a lot…

  11. I think a big part of the visibility problem is how jacked up the contrast and sharpness are overall. The contrast is so high (highlights blown out/shadows quickly drop off [unlike BF1]) and the sharpness is too (edges visually pop but makes textures so digitially noisy they blend together). So combined you have a tough recipe for hard to spot enemies. I'd say bring the contrast down a tiny bit and the sharpness down a little more than that, and it could be in good shape.

  12. This game continues to get worse and worse with every patch or whatever they try to do how do you get one shotted by the Turner rifle the gun doesn't even have that much damage outfit game is infested with cheaters hackers tons of them

  13. Impossible to unloct this tank.Too many players on the map but 2 tanks only to do achievement!!Tank re spawn takes ages and the way how kills are counted is unclear.After 10 kills I get 1 frag.This update is a massive bollocks cuz is not based on player skills but a chance to get in the tank.LOL.This tank should be for free for everyone who bought this game.Big disappointment again.

  14. Watching herky jerky KB&M game footage always feels like my eyes are being skull fucked. Do you take a fuckin Dramamine before every play session Jesus…I think I've seen Parkinson's patients with less herky jerky game footage.

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