Battlefield bad Company 2 multiplayer weapons M1 Garand Veteran Gameplay Part 1

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this is Battlefield bad company 2 Limited Edition Gameplay Multiplayer HD maximum Details ATi Radeon 5870 2010

I present to you another successful continuation of the war game Battlefield 2
Game time is set for a better future, where you have a very wide selection of modern weapons and vehicles and flying vehicles such as helicopter or quad.
The idea is simple in the game gradually acquire different degrees and a large number of collected points will gradually odemikají weapons and…


  1. @TwinUzis Just speedy writing, retard.
    And now get the fuck off, nobody likes COD fanboys (or maybe Minecraft nerds/virgins/omggetalifeplease) commenting BFBC videos, retard.

  2. @TwinUzis

    You obviously didn't play on hardcore mode. And you obviously played with randoms.

    And the claim of kids play CoD, adults play Battlefield is a general thing. There ARE kids in battlefield, but not as many as CoD. I go on CoD, and every other voice is someone under the age of 13. Battlefield is the opposite.

    …At least in my own experience. Maybe CoD thinks i'm a sadistic pedophile that likes shooting people whilst listening to children scream the word "Faggot"…i dunno…

  3. @TwinUzis Clans and such are always true squad members. But I have to agree – at the Revive part. Every Medic just wanna get points and even if you don't want to, they revive you every freakin time

  4. just unlocked the m1 (hopefully), claimed the veteran status and got the F2000 in bad company 1. If this game-play is on regular i can't wait to use this gun on hardcore.

  5. @hankmanGTA wad MrRaggedyMan said its absolutely stupid…i bet he got OWNED by people that uses this tactics like me? i use it too sometimes..its being smart not stupid…great video anyway..

  6. @MrRaggedyMan I know what you're trying to say. But he IS playing conquest.. you should defend your position at all times. Cos if you dont take the Bradley, someone else will !

  7. i'm not crying…i'm just saying….nearly the whole stuff he is shoing here is about killing opponents in his main base (spawn => spawnkilling)…tell me please why this means he is totally skilled up… huh ?

  8. omg xD sorry but i don't play against pussies who invade the mainbase to plant c4 on the tanks and wait till the opponent takes it…go play with the other kids doing this shit

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