Battlefield Bad Company 2: Rolling with the awesome Spider APC

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In this video I show you how to do climbinb with an APC.


  1. OMFG i did it plus you can drive around al over that hill like you not restricked to staying there where he is! BAHAHAHHA SOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL BEST GLITCH EVER

  2. @nikleplated357 lol who's the idiot? He was talking bout the crosshairs moving, caused by the recoil…u sure u even know wat recoil is? lol u soooooo baaadd!!! xD

  3. @nikleplated357
    obviously you have no idea how to do it as you can read in the comments that ppl did it already 2 and secondly that you have no idea of Video editing kid.

  4. @Schilli81 There's no real way since BC2 don't support Battlerecorder. However, there is a work around. Just crop the vertical border on the video until you don't see the HUD.

  5. Cool. I am surprised that you did not flip doing that. I would not mind sniping from up their at least once. I may have to keep an eye on if any team mates go there and spawn on them. Personally though, you are out in the open for a Tracer hit. That is if the enemy is smart enough to do so.

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