Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gun Sounds of ALL Weapons

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Check out all the weapons from Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion!

All Weapons List :

00:00 M1911
00:17 TT-33
00:35 M16
00:51 AK-47
01:08 PPSh-41
01:23 UZI
01:38 M10
01:54 Thompson
02:11 M14
02:28 M1 Garand
02:51 M60
03:13 RPK
03:33 XM22
04:01 M21
04:16 SVD
04:29 M40
04:47 870 MCS
04:58 M79
05:10 RPG-7
05:33 TNT
05:52 AT Mine
06:26 M2 Flamethrower
06:46 Frag

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  1. god, that echo… despite its flaws, BFBC2 had maybe the best sound effects in all Battlefields… I mean, listen when he fires the Garand! Drives me crazyyy

  2. I call on all interested players to repopulate this DLC while the servers are still active. This expansion deserves many more players than those who live daily on just one server.

  3. Like Battlefield Bad Company 2 & other Battlefield games prior to Battlefield 3, reloading the weapon even if the magazine still has the ammo, it still pull the crackling that shoots the gun.

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