Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC Gameplay – Live Hardline Robbery Gameplay

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  1. M82 is a .50, that's why there's no bullet drop.
    The M1 Carbine is a WWII gun, and thus semi-auto only (as were most guns at the time).
    And there is no "single fire." The term is Semi-automatic.

  2. My friend, you need to be careful when posting these videos. I hear Friends by Grabbits in the background. Idk if Monstercat will take your revenue from this vid. 24 minsin is when you can hear it. Just to let you know. But great gameplay!

  3. I got the F2000 gold in about 8 hrs of playing. Best gun hands down in hardline atm. Also Here's the ultimate ownage class for operator. F2000 (EOtech, extended mags, compensator, stubby grip) G17 (mini rds, laser, heavy barrel) FR mask, health kit and incendiary grenades and any knife.

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