BIKINI BOTTOM NEEDS OUR HELP! (Call of Duty Custom Zombies)

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Back with some more custom zombies, today we help Spongebob and Patrick save Bikini Bottom.

Map Link:

#CallofDuty #CustomMap #Spongebob

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  1. I've been here since the lowly 10k subs days laggin. In the words of the famous dirty Joe: "You keep on keeping on". I know YouTube changed but I will always miss the hour long uploads my man. (I'm sure they were easier to edit as well).

  2. Back on the PS3 the first Elite weapon I got was the Mors Silver Bullet, then in the second supply crate i got the speakeasy. I feel for you laggin that you didn't get the speakeasy at all..:(

  3. I got the speakeasy the day bo3 came out I was playing with my clan to grind out the last few level to prestige to get it as the award and play an hour with it before it was time to go to gamestop to start the bo3 grind

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