Call of Duty 1 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – British Campaign – Pegasus Bridge

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Call of Duty gameplay walkthrough part 1, british campaign mission 1 “Pegasus Bridge”. Played on PC for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  1. If you like oldschool COD[2] check out Hard Core Tactical Mod [June 2018 ]
     It's a beast of a mod.. A massive SP campaign with tons of new* missions interwoven with modded versions of the originals.

    *new with respect to the offical game.
    You may have seen them before as short SP maps but now they're all fitted together as a campaign, changed to match HCTM standards [Better, tougher], andwith added combat abilities [airstrikes, mortar etc]

  2. That sound of coming back from a concussion at 10:34 is straight out of Saving Private Ryan. Sounds like they even included the bullet ricochets in the sound file that directly follow Miller snapping out of it.

  3. COD 1+2 were masterworks, Like Halflife { for me the greatest game ever made } when you talk to others you talk like it was something you experienced lol Im glad I didnt of course

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