Call of Duty: Black Ops II on AMD A8-7410 with Radeon R5 Graphics [HP 14-af118au]

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Running much better than I originally thought. Blame AMD ReLive for the FPS drops.

FPS without recording: 22-45 (Sometimes 50-ish during the least intense moments)


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Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Steam:

Laptop brand & Specs:
HP 14-af118au
AMD A8-7410 @ 2.2 Ghz (4 cores)
Integrated Radeon R5 Graphics 1024 MB

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  1. More results! (since I no longer owned this laptop)
    Thank you so much Claudio Morales Flores

    The witcher 3 : Everything low, but textures which I put on medium. 17-23 fps (even in Novigrado), playable, I have 200 hrs on this game with that framerate XD.

    Fallout 4 : everything on low + shadow Mod. 30-40 fps, extemely playable.

    Dishonored : High, 30 fps.

    Grim Dawn : everything on Low but textures (high), 20-25 fps, playable.

    Southpark the stick of true : runs perfect.

    F1 2015 : everything on medium, 28 fps.

    Divinity original sin : everything on High, runs amazing.

    Pillars of eternity : everything on medium, 30 fps.

    Nier Automata: everything on low, 20-25 fps, there are some mods for performance, but runs…"fine".

    dark souls 2: 45-60 fps (the original, not the scholar of the first sin edition)

    state of decay : 25-30 fps on médium

    all the saints row saga (the third, 4 and gat out of hell) : 40-50 fps

    torchlight 2: high (30-50 fps)

    age of empires 3 : very high (60 fps)

    starcraft legacy of the voids : high ( 20-30 fps) (very playable)

    american truck simulator :medium (30-40 fps)

    resident evil 0 remaster: 720p (15-25 fps)

    resident evil 6 :medium (30 fps)
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