Call of Duty: Black Ops OST – Multiplayer Menu (Near Perfect Rip)

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Soundtrack is being composed by Sean Murray who also did WAW.


  1. Black Ops 1 was so much better…..i really wanted to buy black ops 2, and then,i played at a friend's house….result: very disapointed, and boring.
    And in zombies:
    I can not believe that in the fog jump these freaks, that's not Call of Duty.

  2. firing range was the shit, and nuketown 24/7 is MUCH better than 2025, sure, i could actually enjoy BO2 unlike MW3, but really, BO was the first COD i ever owned, and i'm hella more beast at it than any other COD i play, first COD that actually got me in the mood to prestige too.

  3. Well I agree on the plot. I rented Black Ops and the campaign is way better and the plot is well done. The soundtrack for MW3 was okay but I like the Multiplayer of MW3 more, though my opinion is probably biased

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