Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode – Call of the Dead |Four Player Co op part 2 | Live Commentary| Nazi Zombies

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  1. it are actually nazi zombies because the grermans had submarine's and 1 stranded here and all the people inside turned in to zombies watch the intro and outtro from call of the dead

  2. Hey I'll let you all in on something I know for a fact that, under normal condtions that you can't get the Wunderwaffe DG-2 (aka the lighting gun). But you can for a while by doing the Original Characters Trapped easter egg if you look it up on-line and do it right it will give you the weapon. (P.S. copy and paste it on other call of the dead videos to make it more known)

  3. @kikk276 haha ur complaining about the title. no this is my video dumbass and i get to name it what i want, ur a nerd to try to correct me on the internet about a video game lmao do u have a life, do u talk to girls (UR MOM DOESN"T COUNT). u seriuosly didn't think i kno that wow ur so stupid lmao hahahha

  4. @THEGHOSTASSASIN57 or use the scavanger pack a punched and every explosive weapon pack a punched with that, and maybe the ray gun. but that was just beacause me and my friends didn't want to waist time.

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