Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Gameplay | CoD Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay Multiplayer | CoD Mobile

Today’s Call of Duty mobile gameplay multiplayer video: Some RANKED multiplayer gameplay in CoD Mobile!! With my BRAND NEW BK57 skin Ancient Rune that i unlocked yesterday at level 110! Really good looking call of duty mobile skin with some ranked multiplayer gameplay on iOS iPad Pro!

1- How to DOWNLOAD and Play cod mobile on iOS and Android.

1- VPN recommended: See links below
2- Play Store or App Store search: Visceral Multiplayer…


  1. JHC thanks for doing a shout out to the LK24! i ended up buying that offer as well for the lk24 and i am liking it so far. my hope was it would feel like the ACR from MW2. Its pretty great, but i would say my favorite weapon right now is the HG40.. i have the electric camo for it. How come you dont use a pistol for your secondary weapon ?

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