Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 || Part 6

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Hello beautiful b3ars! Thank you for checking out this video! I appreciate all the suggestions, comments, likes, and subs. You’re the absolute best!

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  1. Hey shanda! lots of love ♥️
    If you ever get time plz do check METRO LAST LIGHT & METRO EXODUS. I know youll love it especially Metro Exodus. Its FPS and got amazing story.

  2. Get ready for the next mission because Yuri has A LOT of explaining to do. (you when you play the mission= ??? SCREW YOU MAKAROV) aka shit hits the fan so good luck?

  3. theres a video in Game Theory about all the war crimes many characters from this game commit and he talks about how we never see them pay, its kind of interesting.
    i just sort of remembered after price killed the other guy, cause it seems killing an unarmed men is a war crime even if he was bad.

  4. You shuda let those guys get mooshed
    Love you Shandb3ar, rawr rawr rawr, your the best
    Also that was funny
    You: Clear left
    Price: Clear left
    You: know I did
    Also if you don't know what the Catacombs are, it's a series of underground tunnels beneath Paris, and down in those tunnels, are the remains of 6 million people, there are tours but those tours only let u explore a tiny bit of the Catacombs, as the tunnels span on 200 miles, many ppl have gone missing in those tunnels, the reason why there are ppls remains down there is because of cematarys overflowing, so yea long story short, don't go down there
    Love you, Rawr rawr rawr

  5. Shandab3ar rrrrrrrrrrrraaaarr how r u doing! ? Stay loose, and your. Head on a swivel watching u kill stuff, and playing Conan exiles, hey where can I find some “twine” ? gonna get on the discord,, so I can be more active,, thanks for everything you do, give poppa bear a high five,,, talk soon ????

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