Call of Duty WWII Review… One Month Later! (Is It Good?)

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Call of Duty WWII has been out for one month now! What do you think of it so far?
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  1. It is now October 2018. As far as this game is concerned when it launched I bought the game. And I played it for about two months. But I did not find it as enjoyable as you seem to have. Too many issues. The only thing I found that I enjoyed it with prop hunt. Which was a really good mood and got a lot of players. And then they took it away. I’m not sure if it’s back now because I haven’t play the game. I am not playing call duty BO4. It is absolutely amazing. It’s not the getting of the second golden age of call duty. But it is amazing and blows this came straight out of the water. I also have to disagree with you that this game was not even on its best day better than MW-2.. keep in mind my opinion is based on the short time that I played. I will say in closing is this. If you are still playing this game, why?

  2. I really don’t like this game, maps are way to small so there’s always someone behind you that kills you, Headquarters is unnecessary
    Only 9 maps and TTK isn’t the best
    Campaign is great tho
    Cod ghosts is still my favorite cod on current gen

  3. Every single person I know that returned to CoD becasue of this game left within a month, because of how uncomplete this game was at relese, 9maps multiplayer after 3 years of development, MW2 had 16maps after two years of development, there was less bugs in MW2 (and noobtube OMA was going to get deleted from the game if they didn't have the fight with infinity ward)!
    Saying that this game is better than MW2 is an insult to game developers!

  4. I wouldn't recommend this game to anybody. The worst Call Of Duty game I ever played. And yes, I'd rather play Infinite warfare than this shit. I got my money back after a week of playing it.

  5. I didn't understand at 4:10 when you talk about playing with people who are still doing placement matches even though you're ranked. That's in tons of games that have ranked systems, what's the problem?

  6. I just cannot understand this shit community, you all asked for a boots on the ground cod and they delivered. Now i see people saying "I'd rather play an advanced movement cod instead of ww2" For fucks sake, make up your mind on what you want. This might not be the best boots on the ground cod but atleast they gave what you wanted. Be grateful they listened to the community.

  7. "The hit detection is pretty good" lol the hit detection feel like they let treyarch take over that field but maybe that’s because this game favors towards wired connection.. I’m on wireless and it’s hell

  8. hey nero i know you probably won't see this but i'd really like to play with the legend that is you. it'd be really cool if you could add me on xbox. gamertag is LO6ANATOR

  9. Italian, French, Japanese weapons all missing…Look at Italy alone…Beretta 34/35 Pistol, Carcano (Bolt Action),Mod. 39 (Semi Auto) Beretta 38, FNAB-43, TZ-45 (SMGs) These are all weapons WW2 Can add and i could go on forever…there shouldnt ever be a lack of guns in a world war 2 game

  10. People complaining "There's to many exits and entries for enemies to come through!" I think that's a good thing. Use teamwork and have teammates guard the entrances and set up a defense. It keeps idiots from camping the entire match or at least it makes it easier to kill them. I'm not saying it's flawless but I love this game. Beats the hell outta infinite warfare. Haven't played cod since BO2 and this game brought me back

  11. This is the best cod since cod4 and bo 1&2 they don’t need to change anything as far as gun play it’s perfect! New maps I’m sure will come kill streaks are balanced this has the feel oh a very solid cod game and it’s awesome! The whole cover every 10 feet thing doesn’t bother me it’s a nice feel to even the great from the fair players to be competitive! I really enjoy the feel of the game I feel that the og cod is back and better than ever

  12. i quit cod with blops2 and haven't played since i returned for WWII, now i don't know if it's just because i haven't played for so long but for me it's the best cod game in since blops1 which was always my favorite and maybe even better

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