Call of Duty WWII Soundtrack: Home

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The warmth of your bed, the comfort of your living room and the familiarity of your surroundings. Nothing can beat “home”. All you need to do is stay alive so you can get back there… when the war is over…


COD is back into WWII! Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Back to great music we can share with each other.
And this time our expectation…


  1. A soldier returns back home during the winter to see those with family, friends, and cheers, but all he's got is frostbite, weird looks, 5 dollars, and a torn jacket…but he's just happy to be home.

  2. Some say the campaign's storyline is to typical, they say. And I agree, to some extent.
    But still, it takes effort to make typical things awesome.

  3. Ich habe gensehaut , die kampagne in diesen spiel war voller emotionen , die story ist sehr gut getroffen ich spiele cod seid anfang mw2 zeiten ich muss sagen das ist seit langen mal eine sehr spannende kamapgne selbst als spieler fiebert man mit

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