CSNZ | Speed Hacking In Counter Strike Nexon Zombies

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Today I bring to you a Public Announcement about speed hacking In Counter Strike Nexon Zombies (CSNZ)

Balrog VS Janus ► https://goo.gl/5w3d9F

Hard 9 Tutorial ►…


  1. I know remember this…

    CS: NZ Comment

    Me: Ok, Perfect Game 1000/1000 Ever, Big Boobs Good Game Ever.

    Pewdiepie: YES PERFECT GAME 999999999/999999999 EVER!! I LOVE BIG BOOB!

  2. 2 Weeks ago, i was playing Basic mode with 6 people who use wallhaxs, so i'm in the Ct Team got 3 hacker in my team, and 3 hackers in T team, so after 5 rounds i pretty much rekt them all 5 rounds, after 2 rounds i lost, after that 10 round i won 😐

    Dayum they suck ass on haxs *This is based on true story of me 2 weeks ago, no footage tho*

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