Did They Fix The VISIBILITY PROBLEMS? – Battlefield 5 (Can You See Enemies In Battlefield V?)

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Did They Fix The VISIBILITY PROBLEMS? – Battlefield 5 (Can You See Enemies In Battlefield V?)

The BF5 beta had some serious visibility problems, with lots of people complaining that they couldn’t see enemies well enough. So has this been fixed for the full release of Battlefield 5? And If so, how? As someone who really struggled with visibility in both Battlefield 1 and the Battlefield V beta, I feel I’m well positioned to say whether it’s been improved or not and by how much. Does this…



    Have you struggled with visibility in Battlefield before? Are you excited about this feedback?


    Battlefield 5 REALISM MODE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azedd8iGi4c

    This Gun ROCKS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjh_8aouhck


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  2. Visibility depends on how you put your settings. Also, of course stationary enemies will be invisible to you if you got stuff moving elsewhere, the human eye is attracted to movement. The less an enemy moves, the less likely you are to see them cause they simply don’t catch your attention.

  3. Do i need a much bigger screen to spot enemies? I think i need a 60" big screen with 32k and Ultimateamoled or just a binocular to see them at my screen.

  4. DUDES, everyone who has visibility problems, ITS YOUR FU&$NG CHEAP GEAR!!!
    You play on a cheap TV Screen, never meant for FPS games! (console f4ggots)
    And on PC it’s the same… your Graphic Card and/or Monitor is $hit!!!

  5. Do these people also realize the enemy, also can't see you? Why would you want to destroy a crucial part of the gameplay? Maybe instead of caving into inexperienced console players demands, we should be making videos to help them use the environment to their advantage. I have been playing battlefield since 1945 and dreamed of the day I didn't stick out like dogs balls, trying to use the environment as cover. Battlefield is a PC gamer's game, Console players have Fortnite.

  6. I'll turn on BF V with my 4k tv and my ps4 pro. The game turns a bright distorted color and the air in the game is filled with a hazy white. I'll turn off the game and the tv and ps4 will go back to looking awesome. So far its just BF V thats does this. Its odd and makes me turn off game pretty quickly

  7. I hate this game it has no where near as much detail in maps as bf1. Plus I cant see 2ft in front of me I just threw it out its rubbish no wonder I got it for 10bucks lol. If you think this is a good game go back play bf1

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