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I can’t believe this guy had ISIS in his platoon tag. That is hateful.

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12 Year Olds Can’t Snipe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdJiboGvPFQ

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  1. Why am i seeing a character with his cape jumping aroung, with no red or blue/green tag running around unkillable but unable to kill…? wtf is it?

  2. I played on console against ESP clanmembers and it felt that they played so well that they could snipe with support class behind hills and through artillery cannon as I was hiding behind it.

    I think that some have managed to use some external software on consoles as well and this ESP clan is so familiar from being the most dominant meat grinder squad I've ever seen. And now I see why.

  3. why the fuck you call him always hacker?!!! It's some lame idiot, who don't know shit about hacking. He just downloaded some tool and that's it. It's not hacker, but cheater or the worst piece of human being, but definitly not a Hacker. Because I doubt, that he has at least some skills.

  4. Once you are found hacking repeatedly your game should be invalidated and if you want to play should be required to purchase a new game and a surcharge is added on. Also report for harassment and cheating. His suit is against ToS

  5. I was gonna say just from the first clip that I was pretty sure that was not the 1903’s sweet spot range, but the second clip proved I didn’t have to.

  6. This is why I’m done with pc, they can not And will not do anything about the hacks. Sad cause I just got a 1080 and a 144hz monitor and I don’t even want to use it, every pc game gets hacked. I’m on Xbox 1x now still trying to adjust to a controller

  7. he is hacking a lot over lvl 100 and ea dos nothing.the cheater are clever the make no 70-0 more the make the cheats on and off so hard to see for ea when the dudes have 20-3 e.g. uknow . on-off cheating.

  8. We gotta stop calling them hackers, cause they aren't hackers… they are modders.. it takes no skill… and they suck.. thanks for pointing them out.. good Vid!

  9. Met several times members of Isis clan in bf1. Always impossible shots, headshots, highest score, claiming to be better players (what a joke). Those ducks never got banned.

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