“EMP TOWN!” – Kenny To Nuclear #19 w/TBNRfrags | Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 | TBNRKENWORTH

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  1. Hey dude, I enjoy watching your videos. I'd like to offer advice regarding your voice and mic in videos. Because your so dynamic with your voice (whispers, yelling and everything in between) I think you would benefit by using a compressor to even out/ limit your voice when recording. It's a small thing that annoys me when I watch you play. What do u use to record your voice if you dont mind me asking?

  2. Hey Kenny if you read this I have a class suggestion. What I want you to use is the an-94 with a silencer and a stock. You can't use a secondary your 2 wild cards are going to be perk 1 greed and perk 2 greed. Your perks are going to be flak jacket and hardline. Your 2 2nd perks are going to be toughness and scavenger. your 3rd perk is going to be tactical mask your score streaks are going to be vsat, escort drone, and VTOL. I did this exact setup and I have gotten a lot of vtol's and whatnot

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