Fortnite Cheats | Free Skins Hack

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Legitimate Fortnite Cheats Showing You How To Get Free Skins In The Game.
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  1. Wtf happened to u. U used to make good quality fifa content and now u r making fake fortnite cheat/hack videos. This is just pathetic and sad

  2. So confused as to who the f this guy was but I knew I recognized the voice. My lad! I loved your fifa content but I also have basically stopped playing fifa long before this years tots. Good luck with all that fortnite jazz, prob would have been great over a year ago to jump on that but better late than never. Totally not click bait ? I hope u can finally blow up on subs tho

  3. You said on the channel update you'd never ever lie on the channel but your doing it in this video, please bro your one of the most deserving channel on here but uploading this type of content is just not good for the health, growth and longevity of your channel. You said you'd wished you click baited all that time ago but stayed true to your loyal subscribers and didn't betray their trust towards you. Your Fortnite content at the start (first 3 videos) made me laugh, and feel happy for you since your playing a game that you seem to enjoy and having fun whilst doing it. please do normal Fortnite videos or upload apex or something because these types of videos go nowhere and just lead to more dislikes than actual likes. I personally enjoy the videos on your channel so Im begging you change the types of videos you have put out recently ??

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