FORTNITE How To Build Faster PC (Find The Best Keybinds/Settings)

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Hey everyone, in this video I go over how to build faster on PC by optimizing your settings/key binds. I give general tips and tricks to help you find the best key binds and learn how to build faster on PC in season 8. Hopefully with these key binds and settings, you’ll be able to build faster and win more of your Fortnite games!.
Important Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:00 – 0:51
Use Similar Binds: 0:52 – 1:32
Don’t Overload Your Fingers: 1:33- 3:07
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  1. Making a key bind is hard for me because ever since I started gaming, i’ve always use my thumb to press the left shift button to sprint while my pinky does nothing.

  2. Thanks a lot bro this helped I know my binds are weird but now I am really good.
    Stair: Tab
    Wall: E
    Floor: Q
    If you have any tips reply

  3. Anyone else got this?
    If you try putting place building as left mouse button it will say, this change will unbind another action which is the shoot button
    It won’t let me do 2 at once
    Anyone got suggestions?

  4. Each thinger has a thing to do,the thumb thinger was not doing the same thing,make it to where your thingers are doing something and so your thingers should all do some work

  5. My keybinds are:

    Tab- pickaxe
    Q-slot 1
    R-slot 2
    F-slot 3
    X-slot 4
    1 and 2-slot 5

    Mouse button 5-wall
    Mouse button 4-stair
    Edit-left alt
    Crouch-Left shift and left control
    Auto sprint-U

  6. Your not even that good are you in the position to make “how to get better” videos, I mean I am better than you and I’m not even that good, I can over this video by chance and just came to see if u had some good tips but from your gameplay u don’t look that good

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