Fortnite How to do 90s on CONTROLLER OR PC (Fortnite Season 8 New 90s Strats Beginners and Pros)

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Hey! In this video I will show you how to do effective 90s in Season 8 of Fortnite! This video on how to do 90s in Fortnite will be helpful for both Beginners and Pros because I show different 90s to practise! Doing 90s is hard and I want to help out the beginners to do the new Fortnite 90s strats!
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  1. Thanks themewze all my friends would bully me because I couldn't do nineties. My mother even beat me. Now I can 90 like a pro and she stopped. Not only that my dad came back and my grades almost doubled. How can I ever repay you. I will use code themewze till my last breath. And if you only had one fan left that fan would be me. Thank you xoxoxo

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