Gaming on the 2017 iMac i5 8GB Radeon Pro 580 – Fortnite special

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A few people asked me to show how Fortnite runs on the latest iMac, i5 with the Radeon Pro 580. As usual I am using Bootcamp and play on Windows 10. It is a fun game but as you will see, I prefer games that are more realistic like PUBG. I hope you like it 🙂

This video was shot on the Canon 80D with the Canon 24mm EF-S f/2.8 STM, a Rode VideoMic Go and 2 x simple lights.

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  1. Great video. If you like immersion, and zombies, you just have to try 7 Days to Die. It really is the ducks nuts. I can run it on my mid-2014 MBP but only on fairly low settings. Your reviews have convinced me the iMac with the 580 is the way to go (assuming we don't get a refresh in a few days, which I'm not holding my breath for).

  2. The reason Fortnite said that it’s a mix of Minecraft and Left 4 dead is because they were talking about the campaign version of fortnite called “Save The World”

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