Get the Best Fortnite Streaming Settings With Streamlabs OBS in Windows 10

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Streaming Fortnite with Streamlabs OBS on Windows 10 has never been easier, with our newest guide on how to optimize for streaming on a single PC setup. This guide covers Fortnite game settings, Windows 10 settings, and Streamlabs OBS settings to make sure you can stream your Fortnite gaming on a single PC setup, while avoiding any potential hits to gaming or streaming performance. We also provide some reminders on updating graphics drivers and share a little info on hardware to make sure…


  1. I have one screen (laptop). I play fortnite on my xbox. Trying to use slobs game capture > specific window > xbox app. Doesn't work.. black screen of death. I don't know how to fix this. Im currently using lightstream on my pc browser because its my only way to have overlays (but theyre not live overlays ex:top donation, new follower etc). I NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE SLOBS! Plz help

  2. @Streamlabs please reply I deleted something on obs now people can't see my gameplay! can you please tell me how to make people see the gameplay please

  3. This series of videos is a great idea. Are you possibly able to do something similar for Overwatch streaming as well? Thank you!

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