High Sensitivity vs. Low Sensitivity – Controller Fortnite! (Fortnite Best Sensitivity – PS4 + Xbox)

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In this video today we’re gonna be going over a debate that a lot of Fortnite players probably struggle with, high sensitivity vs. low sensitivity. For controller Fortnite players specifically, there are just so many different sensitivities in the game. You have your regular X and Y sensitivity which is for non-ADS aiming, you have targeting sensitivity which is for when you aim down sights, scoped sensitivity, building sensitivity, and editing sensitivity. So for each of the different…


  1. I play on .625 X, .600 Y, .250 Targeting, .350 Scope, 1.855 building, and 1.800 editing. I donโ€™t find that switching back and forth affects my aim that much but Iโ€™ll try lowering it and give it a try

  2. You know what I love about gronky yea he's not Stretch, Bugha, or Faze Sway but honestly what other YouTuber drops 20s and 30 frags Daily? I mean these games are usually solo squads or duo squads! I love gronky and if you read this broski, your next video should be your new settings!

  3. I use mobile with controller. Super high sensitively while ADS for my controller but use motion to get mouse like precision. Otherwise Iโ€™m in the range specified by your video. Thanks for the content.

  4. I tried to force myself to use 6.5x and 6y for the longest time but a couple months ago i settled on 5.8x and 5.6y and have greatly improved. My duo plays even lower at 5.3 for both lol

  5. always watch till end pimpin. I have played on lower for a bit. It does help on console because u can see it more the slower and just feels faster when ur not building as much by accident. Plus all that fast building is for creative. too dangerous to build up high in game. especially pro matches. just lets every one spot u and snipe at u.

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