How to counter the pyramid strategy – Advanced Fortnite Tips and Tricks

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  1. the first one when my ramp goes above someone I place floor and wall but what I like to do so I don't waste mats is that I go to the side and just edit the ramp then floor then get that one pump headshot kill if I get lucky so I don't need to just keep ramping up and wasting mats

  2. I know how to counter the counter scenario 1 if you are on low ground. So when the opponent places the floor and the wall when with high ground, jump to the side and build a floor and THEN pyramid the enemy and place a wall so they dont take a shot

  3. Thanks for this, because I always put a triangle over my own head and then edit it, but then I always seem to get a floor placed under my triangle so that I still get trapped, so this is gonna be a better strat

  4. I always just ramp rush with triple layer so it never really happens to me unless I’m just messing around in playgrounds with my friend or something

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