How To EASILY Win More Squads + Duos In Season 5! (Fortnite Battle Royale Squads Tips)

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This video today is going to be a follow up to the video I uploaded onto my channel a few days ago which discussed some important tips for easily winning solo games in Fortnite. I saw a lot of comments asking for a follow up video focused on winning squads and duos matches, so that is exactly what this video is going to be. It is a lot more difficult to be successful in squads or duos simply due to the fact that it is so much more chaotic. In solos, most of the time you’re going to be…


  1. 1st tip: Land together in duos/squads or at least 2 in a building

    2nd tip: Have to have good communication. eg. where to push from, how weak they are

    3rd tip: Dont be jumbled together in a build battle. Dont let enemy get high ground

    4th tip: Attacking in team fights from different angles and heights. One stays on ground and one goes up

    5th tip: Its easy to rev your teammate/s in a chaotic fight

    6th tip: In end game, try to make the final teams fight each other so that you can third party

    7th tip: If you have a numbers advantage, push the team. If you have a disadvantage, sit on natural high ground

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