How to Manually CUSTOMIZE your Sensitivity on PC Guide – Fortnite Battle Royale

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Since I don’t really see exposure about this huge flaw on PC Fortnite and how to fix it, I decided to make a video on how to manually adjust and set your own custom sensitivities on Fortnite PC. I hope this helps out some of you and hopefully a fix will eventually be released!

Credit goes to Reddit user “Altimor” for making this app!

Reddit link:

GitHub link:…


  1. Glad you made this video. Saw two other YouTubers making this video getting 100k views when I had considered making the same kind back in October. Realized you beat me too it either way so now I don't feel as bad about not getting those juicy clicks 🙂 with no monetization anyway 🙁

  2. I play a lot of game(pc) and
    I need shootgun sens
    And smg sens
    And ar sens
    And building sens
    All of those
    Because my sens very very low i can't building with that or hit my shootgun shoots

  3. Hey bro! Loved the video by the way.
    I was just wondering if a higher sensitivity is better or is a lower sensitivity better. Mainly for aiming performance in both ar and shotgun fights. Thanks!

  4. i want my x and y sensitivity to be 12 so how do i divide? do i do the same thing you did but instead i replace the 9 with 12?

    0.1237 divide by 4?

    (sorry my english is horrible, hopefully you understand what im sayin)

  5. Precellence help plz when I try and export it will say “Failed to serialize file. String reference not set to an instance of a string.
    Parameter name: s

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